At Shoestring Farm, our philosophy originated with founder Nancy van Zwol, who began teaching in Woodside in 1962 after moving to California from the East Coast. She wanted not just to teach riding, but to teach a full range of horsemanship skills. At Shoestring, we strive to continue in this tradition. The joy of collaborating with a horse to accomplish goals together requires much more than the ability to control a horse from the saddle; it requires an overall understanding and appreciation of the horse's nature, needs and personality.
We serve a full range of student skill levels and goals. Students range from first-time riders, both English and western, to those showing in "A" rated Hunter/Jumper and Equitation divisions. We understand that not every rider wants to show, and we serve rider goals ranging from safe trail and pleasure riding, to training and showing techniques. Shoestring's trainers, plus clinics given by outside trainers, are available to help you with whatever your goals are.
We have a wonderful group of multi-talented horses of a variety of breed and talents. Please see Horses for more details, or click on Pictures to see them in action. Our horses are not used in a lesson program for several hours a day, as is often the case in lesson barns. They are ridden only once and occasionally twice a day, and we take care that they remain healthy and happy in their work by varying their schedules and activities.

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